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The rolling sand dunes of the Sahara. Sparkling turquoise waters. Colourful souks and medinas with their labyrinths of narrow winding streets. Just some of the hallmarks of this exciting North African country. This exotic mixture has made Tunisia a perfect film location and it has been used as the backdrop to many films. Star Wars, The English Patient and The Life of Brian are some that might be familiar to you.

Cheap flights, accommodation and holidays to Tunisia

With such an ancient history, there is a lot to explore on a Tunisian holiday: the ruins of Carthage, the Coliseum and the beautiful city of Tunis for starters. You can journey into the Sahara by jeep or camel with awe-inspiring sunsets and nights under the stars.

Or you could just enjoy the climate, the friendly people and the exotic food. And then there are the hotels, small wonders themselves really, often of extravagant modern design - all part of your Tunisian holiday experience!

Whilst enjoying your holiday in Tunisia, you'll find Phoenician, Byzantine, Spanish and French invasions have all left their mark but it is probably the Roman temples, arches and coliseums that provide the most evocative historical sites. The Coliseum at El Djem is considered second only to Rome’s and is one of Tunisia’s most spectacular sights. Tunis, the capital, has lots of interesting architecture, pavement cafes and lively souks where you can haggle over the price of your souvenirs. And the world’s largest collection of mosaic is at the Bardo museum. If you want to head off into the desert, there are various trips with overnight stays. The magnificent Atlas Mountains can be reached by the Red Lizard train.

Watersports range from water-skiing to deep-sea fishing. There are horses and camels for hire, or you can play tennis and tee-off on several golf courses along the coast.

If you are looking for activity holidays to Tunisia, please call to speak to our dedicated travel team, who are on hand to help you find your perfect Tunisian activity holiday.

Eating Out

The cuisine of Tunisia is largely based on traditional French cooking blended with Arabian influences and you can enjoy it, alongside British cuisine, in a huge variety of restaurants. Cous cous is the national dish usually served with spicy meat, fish and vegetables. In coastal resorts you will be offered the catch of the day. Tunisian deserts are very sweet with lots of honey-soaked pastries with nut filling – not good for the teeth!

Haggling is popular here, except in the hotel shops. The souks and markets are great fun and best buys are handmade copper, jewellery, leather and sheepskin, all of which make excellent souvenirs of your Tunisian holiday. Spices, perfume and herbs are good value but need careful packing. There are also some very stylish boutiques in resorts like Port El Kantaoui.

Traditional package holidays to Tunisia are available with several leading tour operators, and can represent excellent value for money. Alternatively, for greater flexibility, and equally competitive prices, you may prefer to choose a hotel in Tunisia from the selection of Tunisia hotels available, and add this to a low cost flight to Tunisia, to create your ideal Tunisian holiday. If you are visiting family or friends, you may not need to book accommodation in Tunisia at all, and may wish to only search for flights to Tunisia.

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