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Frequently Asked Questions


Please find below some of the subjects of frequently asked questions. If none of these answer the information which you are looking for then please feel free to contact one of our travel experts on the number above or our customer services team on 0871 282 0889

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Q. What is my hand baggage allowance?

A. Hand luggage limits vary by carrier and tour operator and are typically between 5 and 10kg. Please view the page here which shows the hand luggage limits for different airlines. Please use this as a guide only as these limits are subject to change.

Q. What is my hold luggage allowance?

A. Hold luggage limits vary by carrier. Most airlines now charge extra to carry hold baggage. Our prices include one item of hold baggage within the cost quoted. In many cases this can either be added to at additional cost, or removed at a discount. Details are shown through your booking detailing if you have a bag included or not. The weight allowances for these bags do vary by carrier. Please view our useful airline guide page here which shows the hold baggage limits for different airlines. Please use this as a guide only, as these limits are subject to change.

Q. What are the charges for excess baggage?

A. All airlines now strictly enforce the weight allowance for each passenger and bag on flights. If your total hold baggage exceeds these limits then you will be subject to excess charges at the airport. These charges vary by carrier, but are usually considerably more expensive than the cost per kg for the first bag on a booking. Please check the airlines details and conditions of carriage to find the costs.

Q. What baggage can I take through airport security?

A. Airport Security for all UK airports has become a lot more stringent over the past 10 years in terms of what can be carried in hold luggage and also hand luggage. Any sharp items such as scissors, knives, tools, tweezers must all be packed in hold luggage. If taking through as hand luggage, these items would be confiscated at the airport. Liquids are also strictly limited in hand luggage. This includes items such as gels, toothpaste, aerosols etc. No single item can be any more than 100ml. For full details on the security procedures and items which can be taken through security at the airport please view Security and check in procedures.

Q. Can I take my pet on holiday with me?

A. No Frills airlines and charter carriers typically do not allow for pet carriage on flights. Certain scheduled carriers do allow pet carriage. Please contact our customer services team on 0871 282 0889 to discuss details and establish if a carrier on the route you are looking for will accommodate pet carriage.


Q. When does check-in open at the airport?

A. Check-in for charter and long haul flights typically open 3 hours before departure. Most other airlines check-in opens 2 hours before departure. You are strongly advised to allow lots of time to check in. Airports now have great eating and drinking establishments within them, so once you have checked your bags in and proceeded to the departure lounge, your trip can begin and you can enjoy some of the facilities that the airport has to offer. 

Q. When does check-in close at the airport?

A. Check-in typically closes 45 minutes - 1 hour before departure for most airlines. If check-in has closed you will not be able to travel (even if you only have hand luggage). The airline also have no obligation to arrange alternative transport for you if you have arrived late at the airport. Please allow ample time for getting to the airport and checking-in.

Q. What will I need in order to check in for my flight?

A. If you are travelling with a No frills airline then all you will need to check in is your booking reference and valid photo ID for all members of the party travelling.

If travelling on a scheduled flight, you will need your e-ticket (which will be sent to you shortly after booking) as well as valid photo ID. 

If travelling on a charter flight or a package holiday then you will require the holiday tickets and valid photo ID. (NB If you have booked within 14 days of departure you may need to collect these tickets from the airline desk at the airport)

Forms of ID:

Q. What ID will I need in order to travel?

A. All flights, both domestic and international require valid photo ID for all passengers travelling. For international travel this means either a valid passport or National Identity Card. Domestic flights will accept other forms of valid ID such as driving licence. For any further queries please contact our customer services team on 0871 282 0889 or email us using the Contact Us form at the foot of the page.

Q. My passport is due to expire soon, can I still travel?

A. Some airlines and destinations do stipulate that passports need to be valid for a period of time after the scheduled return date. If your passport is due to expire within 6 months of your scheduled return date then it is worth getting it renewed prior to travel. If you have insufficient time to be able to renew your passport, please contact our customer services team on 0871 282 0889 prior to making your booking who will be able to advise whether your current passport would be acceptable to travel.

Making a Booking:

Q. Can I just pay a deposit?

A. Our website unfortunately does not have the ability to accept deposits. For holiday bookings we are able to make bookings and just take a deposit through our call centre. The balance of the booking would then need to be paid 10 weeks before departure. Please call one of our sales team on the number above, or alternatively use the callback request facility and we will give you a call back at a time to suit you.

Q. How will I know that I have made a booking?

A. When you make a booking on the website you will get a booking reference number displayed on the screen. Also a confirmation email will be sent to the email address which you supply during the booking. If for any reason you do not see or receive either of these things after submitting your card details to make the booking please contact our aftersales team on 0871 282 0889 who will be able to assist you. Please do not make a secondary booking unless you are certain that the first booking failed or you may be charged for and get 2 bookings, which the airline may not be able to cancel and refund.

Q. I haven't received or I have lost my confirmation email?

A. If you have not received your confirmation email within 4 hours of making a booking or have lost the email, please check your 'deleted items' or your 'junk mail' folders. To check that your booking was made and obtain another copy of your confirmation email please contact or call 0871 2820889

Q. What does a 'Pending' booking mean?

A. Occasionally when we are making the bookings with the supplier we do not receive a confirmation back from them. At this point we therefore do not know whether the booking has succesfully been taken by the airline or operator. When this happens you will see a message to explain that your booking is 'Pending'. At this stage, payment will have been taken from your payment card so it is important that you do not make a second booking. Usually shortly afterwards we receive a confirmation from the supplier and you will receive a confirmation email that the booking has been succesful. If you have not received any further messages from us within 4 hours, or your booking is due to travel within the next 48 hours then please contact our customer services team on 0871 282 0889 who will be able to assist you.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept Mastercard, Visa credit, Visa debit, American Express, Switch and Solo cards. Unfortunately we do not currently accept Electron cards.

Q. What are the credit card charges applied?

A. Banks do charge us to take payments on credit cards and unfortunately we do have to pass these charges on to customers. Payments with Visa debit cards or Maestro cards though incur no payment card fees.

Q. What will appear on my bank statement after booking?

A. When booking through the website the payment will appear on your credit card statement as 'Airport Direct Travel'. Bookings made by phone may also appear on your bank statement with reference to 'Contemporary Travel Solutions'

Q. How do I book airport parking?

A. You can book airport parking by using the link on the site or by calling one of our travel experts on the number at the top of the page.

Q. How do I book an airport hotel?

A. Ideal if you have an early morning flight out, or will be arriving back late at night. Staying overnight near the airport makes for a relaxing start or end to your holiday. Often available with parking for the duration of your holiday they are also great value. For full details on airport hotels and rates available please call one of our travel experts on the number above.

Q. How do I book a transfer to my destination accommodation?

A. We are able to book resort transfers to your accommodation for you. With options from individual taxi transfers to coach transfers available to hundreds of destinations. Call one of our travel experts on the number above to book your resort transfer.

Q. How do I make a group booking?

A. For group bookings please call one of our sales team on the number above.

Q. When doing a search it says that there are no results. Why?

A. If you have been unable to get any results for a particular search you have carried out, it may be for a number of reasons. There may be no flights on the particular date that you have searched for. For example some flights may only operate at certain times of the year or only on certain days of the week. Use the route finder on the site to view the timetables for the route you are looking for. There are also a handful of airlines and tour operators who are not online bookable through the website. Bookings for these routes can still be made through by phone with our sales team. If you are not getting results appearing for any particular route, please give one of our sales team a call and they will assist you with your booking.

Making amendments to a booking:

Q. How can I make a change to my booking?

A. Amendments to bookings are often possible, however the charges imposed by airlines and opertaors can often be high. For any amendments to bookings please contact our customer services department by emailing or by calling 0871 282 0889

Q. How do I cancel my booking?

A. To cancel a booking you must contact our customer services department at or call them on 0871 282 0889. Most tickets are completely non-refundable, for this reason we recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance before booking. Cancellation charges can vary and in some cases, a part refund can be obtained, which is calculated by deducting the airlines cancellation fee and our administration fee. Full fees will be explained to you at the time of cancellation.

Q.I have booked elsewhere, can you help me amend my booking?

A. Unfortunately if you have either booked with an alternative agent or direct with the airline we are unable to make any amendments to that booking. We are able to assist with any additional items to add on to that booking, such as accommodation or parking, but not to amend any elements of the booking already made.

Q. How do I add skis, golf clubs or sports equipment to my booking?

A. Most airlines do allow carriage of skis, golf clubs or sports equipment for an additional charge. Our online booking portal does allow you to add these for many of these airlines. If you wish to add these after booking, please call our customer services team on 0871 282 0889 who will be able to add these for you. Please note, airlines will charge more to add these on if doing so at the airport, therefore it is always best to add any extras before arriving at the airport.

Q. I dont understand what some of the terms mean on the website, can you explain?

A. We have as far as possible added as many helpful tips throughout the site. However by its nature we are aware that many abbreviations and terms are used within travel. Much of the information displayed is as it comes through from operators and airlines. If you are unsure about any of the terms used then please just give us a call or ask a question using the 'Contact Us' form and we will do what we can to help explain.

Advance Passenger Information:

Q. What is 'Advance Passenger Information'?

A. For security reasons most airlines now collect Advance Passenger Information from all passengers taking international flights. This information includes names, dates of birth, passport number, nationality and expiry date of passport. This information should not be confused with applying for a Visa and you will still need to follow the entry rules for every country that you visit.

Q. Why do I need to provide this information?

A. This information is being collected for security reasons. You can either supply this information at the time of booking or it can be entered at a later stage. This information MUST be supplied no less than 6 hours prior to departure. If you fail to supply the information prior to travel you may be delayed, be subject to additional charges or even denied travel

Q. What do you do with my personal information?

A. We take customers personal information extremely seriously. This information is passed directly to your airline using a secure web page. Airport Direct Travel keep no record of any of this information.

Q. I do not have the passport details available at the moment, can I still book?

A. Yes. You can either enter passport details at the time of booking or supply them at a later stage. If you do not enter them at the time of booking, then your booking email will have a link to a secure web page where you can re-enter your 'API' details.

At the airport:

Q. How can I contact other departments at the airport?

A. Our team are not based at the airport and therefore I am afraid that they are unable to put any phonecalls through to other departments at the airport. Please call the airport information desk on 01582 405100 and they will help you to find the department that you are looking for.

Q. I have lost my baggage at the airport, what should I do?

A. If you lose any items of luggage whilst at the airport, the best thing to do is to report it to the ground handling agent before you leave the airport. If you do not discover the loss until after you have left the airport please phone the airport switchboard 01582 405100 and select option 5. As our team are not based at the airport we are unfortunately unable to put any calls through to other departments.

Q. I am meeting a passenger from a flight, is it on time?

A. Airports websites all now have up to the minute flight information. Please refer to the airports website to view this information. Live flight information 

Q. What facilities are there at the airport?

A. The facilities at UK airports have dramatically improved over the years and now an excellent range of retail shops and food and beverage establishments are available in London Luton Airport. For full details of the facilities available please refer to the airports website. Airport Facilities 

Other questions:

Q. Who are Airport Direct Travel Ltd?

A. Airport Direct Travel are the leading provider of online booking systems for UK airports. Our team has a wealth of experience from retail travel agencies, tour operators and airports. As specialists in departures from regional airports Airport Direct Travel are trusted by many of the leading UK's airports to provide their fulfilment.

Q. Who are Contemporary Travel Solutions?

A. Contemporary Travel Solutions are the fulfilment provider for Airport Direct Travel. Contemporary Travel Solutions are a part of P&P Associates and hold an ABTA licence. 

Q. What does ABTA mean?

A. ABTA is the Association of British Travel Agents. As a member of ABTA this means that your booking is secure. ABTA maintains a code of conduct which ensures that the public receive the best possible service. Many of the travel arrangements made through ABTA members are protected in case of the financial failure of the travel company. 

Q. What does ATOL mean?

A. ATOL is a protection scheme for flights and air holidays managed by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Q. Can I use the return portion of my flight ticket without using the outward?

A. You are required to use all the flight coupons in order of sequence. If you do not travel on the outbound flight, then the airline may cancel the ticket and any subsequent flights booked. If you miss your outbound flight, please contact customer services and we will do our best to assist you.

Q. Where can I find out about travel vaccinations?

A. You may require vaccinations when travelling to certain destinations. Please consult your GP or for more details visit the NHS website at 

Q. Where can I find out about visa information?

A. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the correct travel visa required for your destination. For information regarding Visa requirements for British citizens please visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website at

Q. Where can I find travel advice for my destination?

A. The Foreign and Commonwealth office issue regular travel advice for all worldwide destinations. If the advice from this office is against travel to a destination then you will find that your travel insurance may be invalid. Please check the latest advice for your destination at